Instructional Juggling Display

Add a great indoor attraction that’s a fun display and instruction in one. Send them home ready to show off what they learned at the Fair!
Keeps the kids involved, watching and learning juggling, plate spinning, yo-yos, and diabolo (Chinese yo-yo)!
Adults love checking out the history of the juggling arts on display- and many try their hand at juggling, too.
Equipment for sale lets them take the skill home and continue to learn. Taking 450-600 square feet of space, A World of Juggling offers a lot of fun and interaction in a relatively small space. Your Juggling Coach provides 7 hours instruction per day, and the banners remain as a display along with juggling balls the rest of time.


Juggling is great for:
• Growing New Brain Matter
• Increased Focus
• Coordination
• Fitness
• De-stress
• Balance
• Vision
• Ability to Show Off!
All this with a fun and healthy activity that really is easier than you think.
Display includes Juggling and Plate Spinning instruction. With sales allowed, yo-yo and diabolo instruction are also included. Great for teens (the 4H kids love it!). Based in Phoenix, Arizona, James Reid is available to provide an instructional juggling display Across the Southwest.
Call 602-327-2001 or click for details on how James can help make your fair or festival unforgettable.

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