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Instructional Juggling Display

Add a great indoor attraction that’s a fun display and instruction in one. Send them home ready to show off what they learned at the Fair! Keeps the kids involved, watching and learning juggling, plate spinning, yo-yos, and diabolo! Adults love checking out the history of the juggling arts on display- and many try their hand at juggling, too. Displays with balls and scarves are out so anyone can give it a try with no pressure and while the Coach is busy teaching. Juggling demonstrations entertain and draw in more people eager to give it a try. Equipment for sale lets them take the skill home and continue to learn. Taking 500-600 square feet, A World of Juggling offers a lot of fun and interaction in a relatively small space. Your Juggling Coach provides 7 hours instruction per day, and the banners remain as a display the rest of the time.

Juggling is great for:
• Growing New Brain Matter
• Increased Focus
• Coordination
• Fitness
• De-stress
• Balance
• Vision
• Ability to Show Off!
All this with a fun and healthy activity that really is easier than you think. Display includes Juggling and Plate Spinning instruction. With sales allowed, yo-yo and diabolo instruction are also included. Great for teens (the 4H kids love it!).
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Juggling Lesson
Yo-Yo Lesson
Diabolo Lesson

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Based in Phoenix, Arizona James Reid is a Comedy Juggler available to entertain throughout the Southwest.