Join the TEAM!

Interactive Strolling Entertainment

Join Team FUN with Strolling Juggling Entertainment that is truly interactive.
All routines include not just stunning tricks, but everything is a game or sport that kids of all ages can get their hands on!
• Bat Juggling- a visual and interactive routine that culminates in a photo op with the kids.
• Softball Juggling- an amazing and funny routine with the magic of the ball on a string that also gives everyone the chance to juggle four with James.
• Ring toss on the Juggler- kids toss rings onto the juggler and are rewarded with amazing ring tricks.
• Basketball- shoot hoops, win prizes, have FUN!
• Illuminated Props for Evening Events- keep the fun going after dark with stunning LED glow props.

Strolling Entertainment that is all about your guests! Team FUN puts interaction first and foremost so everyone can get involved in the FUN and join the TEAM. All participants get a TEAM FUN sticker. Also includes stunning juggling tricks along with comedic interaction to gather folks for small shows. With the cart at hand, all these tricks can go anywhere on your grounds. When doing stage shows, Strolling Juggling adds great interaction and visual as well as promoting the show. Including a photo op memory and likely social media post from your event!
Call 602-327-2001 or click for details on how James can help make your fair or festival unforgettable!

Insured - Experienced - Professional - FUN!
Based in Phoenix, Arizona James Reid is a Comedy Juggler available to entertain throughout the Southwest.