Strolling Juggling Entertainment

Strolling Entertainment is great for warming an audience up for the big show, and adds visual and fun personal interaction throughout an event.

Strolling Entertainment Includes:
• Interaction and Visual with Club Juggling
• Fun Interaction with Ball Juggling
• Great Photo Ops
• Illuminated Props for Evening Events
• Visual show with the Diabolo (Chinese yo-yo)

More Details for Strolling Entertainment:

When doing stage shows, walk around time adds great interaction and visual as well as promoting the show. The focus is mainly on Club Juggling to grab eyes across your grounds, and give kids the chance to have one on one time with the juggler, including a photo op memory- and likely social media post from your event!

On it's own, strolling adds fun and visual throughout the event, including the club juggling and adding fun interaction with ball juggling, short shows with the Diabolo (Chinese Yo-yo), and stunning LED glow props for after dark.
LED Glow props for walk around entertainment are juggling balls, clubs, and the Diabolo (Chinese yo-yo)
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