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Fun Comedy!

Dangerous Tricks!

Be Part of the TEAM!

FUN Shows for your Fair or Festival!

Bring all ages together for unforgettable experience of laughs, next level stunts, and thrilling danger- where everyone gets included. You have found the show you are looking for!
Performances include:
• FUN Interaction - with laughter, call and response, and many volunteers joining in, everyone gets to be part of TEAM FUN- and get the sticker to prove it.
• Comedy - If it’s not funny, who cares how good the tricks are!?
• Unique Tricks - with hoop and juggling combinations, even an apple trick you won’t see anywhere else!
• Dangerous FUN! - High energy sports juggling, fun with weapons and knives, and most dangerous of all… the rubber chicken!

See the Show:

Chinese Yo-Yo

Viva Variety! With Chinese and Classic Yo-Yo, comedy, and musical routines in the show, this is a true variety show. Having a variety of routines also gives James the abilty to change things up from show to show and event to event to bring just the right performance to suit your Fair or Festival. For smaller events, this is very helpful to bring something fresh to returning audience members. This also means James can adapt to the space leaning more to bigger stunts for larger spaces, and more close up tricks for a smaller stage - or no stage at all. With a 16'(W)x12'(D)x10'(H) space, James can bring a full show anywhere on your grounds, sound included.

Juggler Sign

Signage and More With many events having James back year after year, he pays attention to and consistently works to respond to your event needs. So, whether it's signage to help guests find an out of the way stage, something special you want for promotion, or a modification of the show, James is always happy to repond and work with your needs.

Optional Additions:

Fire Juggling

LED Glow and Fire Juggling A Glow and/or fire routine makes a great addition to evening performances for dramatic visual. Or- with a dark area, James can present a full 30 minute set for a glow and fire show! Includes lots of great visual, along with the comedy and interaction you get in a daytime show. The flaming axe provides a dramatic finale. Click Here for video.

Sack Race Contests

Contests! Strolling Entertainment is usually included in a performance package, but another great add on is Contests! From Hula Hoops and Sack Races to the Gum Ball Race and more, James will MC and provide fun music to add more interaction, and make contests a blast! Give attendees the chance to take home their own metal!

Insured - Experienced - Professional - FUN!
Based in Phoenix, Arizona James Reid is a Comedy Juggler available to entertain throughout the Southwest.
Call 602-327-2001 or click for details on how James can help make your fair or festival unforgettable!