Amazing Juggling Light and Fire Show

Keep the fun going after dark!

For a special evening performance, combine fluorescent and LED Illuminated Juggling with a fire finale to create a unique performance that will amaze audiences with stunning visual and fun comedy. With a combination of fun interaction and trails of color timed perfectly with music, this performance will create a magical and unforgettable moment.
Transform any dark area!
LED Illuminated props are also perfect for evening strolling in any dimly lit setting.

See the Light Show!
More Light and Fire Show Details:

The Dangerously Fun Juggling Light and Fire Show includes:
• World Class Juggling
• Fun Comedy and Interaction
• LED Glow Diabolo (Chinese Yo-Yo) tricks with a volunteer opportunity
• Glow Ball Juggling timed to Music with volunteer interaction
• Amazing LED Glow Poi Swings
• Fire Juggling Finale- Including the Flaming Axe!
15 feet from the audience/anything flammable, a dark area, and a power supply needed for full show. UV lighting is provided.
Performance runs up to 45 minutes. The 'Holiday Lights' version is perfect for December Performances. Special Halloween, Mardi Gras, and July 4th routines also available.
Is your area not very dark, or do you just need a little extra light to keep the bowling balls and swords going? James can also provide two RBG flood lights for stage lighting and perform the regular show after dark.

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